What Our Customers Say…

Read what our satisfied customers have to say about The Hideaway. The following are excerpts of the praise and comments we’ve received recently from our customers!

Just visited The Hideaway in Dunfermline after hearing a good review from a friend. We were really impressed! Everything is home made and to a high standard. I would recommend the steak pie, soup is also very good! This is a relaxing place with very friendly service, really hope this place does well as there’s not a lot of good places to eat here!

– Kirsty

We had lunch today at The Hideaway in Dunfermline. What a difference, immaculate decor, outstanding food and a warm welcome. Excellent staff, impressed with owner. No TV’s blaring out, no one arm bandits. The place to go. Well worth a visit. We will be back.

– Brian

The Hideaway used to be the jewel in the crown around the Dunfermline area – when Armando first opened up it was THE place to go for a romantic meal, famiy celebration, office ‘do’ etc. In recent years it was run into the ground after a couple of changes of ownership but I am delighted to say it is back with a BANG – the new owners have turned it around and made it once more a flagship place to eat out in Fife. I am so very relieved to be able to say it is now a lovely, welcoming, place to eat out with really nice, friendly staff, great food and will doubtless become the favourite place to eat out locally once more!

– Frances

We’ve just been to The Hideaway in Dunfermline for the first time since it re-opened and my family and myself loved it. Food was great and freshly prepared, staff are very welcoming and I would highly recommend going along to give it a try. My son said it was the best macaroni ever and that’s saying something, hee hee. We are booked in for Mother’s Day and can’t wait.

– Kevin

Was very excited when my cousin told me they were revamping the old Hideaway in Dunfermline – long held in high esteem until it was totally run down by an owner who did not care. Couldn’t wait to come home for a visit to see what the new owners had done to the place – got to give them 10 out of 10 for effort – I hardly recognised the place, the staff were lovely, the food was excellent and everyone went out of their way to make sure our visit was one to be remembered for a long time. Thank you so much for returning the Hideaway to a place definitely on top of my got to visit list!

– Tanya